Art for rewilding humans.

the thirteenth moon

The Thirteenth Moon features the work of artist Janet Edens, whose serendipitous move to the country in 2016 planted her in the rhythm of the natural world. The Wheel of the Year turns whether we notice or not, but everything is better when we do.

Stay tuned!

I have distributed two printing runs of the 2022 Lunar Calendar and will not be printing additional copies, barring a flood of requests. It was, at its heart, a proof-of-concept experiment: Could I design and find an audience for a different way to count the days? I count it as a success, and I hope all of you who have one find it works for you as well. I have used the support to invest in exploration of other projects to continue the idea that connection to the natural world is an essential component of successfully moving through the world. Thank you all and I hope you will check back to see where this goes.

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