We love the true enterpreneural spirit – microbusinesses built on sheer will and creativity. The 13th Moon is part of xarktopia, a partnership evolving since 2010. We are still at it because of a latticework of support. To add to that, here’s our list of small-scale operations we love that you might like, too!

DC McElroy

McElroy’s The Darbas Cycle – up to five books now – explores magic, power and principle from diverse perspectives across multiple other-worldy cultures.  The series has earned rave reviews for its characters, plot and “intricate, fascinating, spellbinding world.”


Floricopia is the work of Kristy Williams, herbalist, Reiki master and all -around amazing healer. With personalized sessions, workshops, original art and a line of herbal remedies, there is so much good to be had!

Life Tree

Offering hand-crafted, organic bath, body and homelife goodies, Life Tree adds a little magic to everyday life. Products such as Yuletide Magic Bath Bombs & Litha Bamboo Stick Incense perfectly complement the Wheel of the Year.

Bunny Guillotine

Bunny Guillotine is a Chicago-based podcast that examines pop culture & media through a lens of leftist ideals.It’s a funny, incredibly smart and insightful look at how music, movies and TV shape our worldview.

Healing Hause

Diverse professional services from massage therapy, Somatic counseling, skincare, inclusive photography services – even a shop celebrating micro-biz creatives (like 13th Moon!) – make The Healing Hause a one-stop spot for self care.

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