The ability to work digitally means there’s almost always one more effect to try, one more to learn. In my decades as a designer, the toolbox has expanded, with filters, styles and techniques. The downside is not knowing when to stop …


The moons is a constant centuries but times and seaons change. A modern, in-my-habitat twist on monthly names for moons has led to variations on a theme.


Visual shorthand  threads all through history. From clan banners to talismans to cattle brands,they claim membership, mark property and help us navigate the deeper world.


Natural beauty is never fully replicated, but the play of light, random patterns and the beauty of small things can remind us of our connection to time and place. 


Book covers, maps and symbols – this is my work on The Darbas Cycle series by D.C. McElroy. It’s a remarkable creative endeavor to build a visual experience in a different world.

Pro past

In bygone days, I’ve worked as a journalist, magazine art director and graphic designer, among other things. This gallery is some of my work as a 30-year media professional.

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